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Day Link Icon 7/29/2005


(by Webmaster, @ 8:34 PM)

stereoscouture_affiche_s.jpgThe Stereoscopages, it's also a series of costumes that I wanted to make in collaboration with cartoonists and stylists and that we called StereosCouture.

Here are some examples.

I want to associate with more stylists to continue this adventure with them. If you are stylist, creative and interested, drop me a mail. (this beautiful poster was made by Caza)

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Short Films

(by Webmaster, @ 8:35 PM)

cafe_noir_s.jpg jacusi_s.jpg robotoc_s.jpg One thing bringing another, the Stereoscopages are also involved in producing short films, whose some were writen by cartoonists (such as Jean-Michel Thiriet, Rabaté, Cabanes...).

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Day Link Icon 7/29/2004

SICAF 2004

(by Webmaster, @ 5:01 PM)

This year the Stereoscopages have been honoured to represent France to the 8th SICAF (Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival August 4-10) along with the Parcours Loisel exhibition.

Stereoscopages makers Jean Solé, Julien CDM, Pascal Rabaté, Blaise Loisel and Katia were there.

Here are some photos.

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Day Link Icon 1/15/2004

Happy New Year!

(by Webmaster, @ 8:56 PM)

The Stereoscopages crew wishes you a great new year!

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Day Link Icon 12/7/2003


(by Webmaster, @ 9:36 PM)

Stéphanie Wurtz, photo F. Campiglia, drawing Lu Yang.

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Day Link Icon 10/22/2003

The Kiss

(by Webmaster, @ 9:14 PM)

The Kiss, photo and drawing by Tal Waldman.

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Virgin Exhibition

(by Webmaster, @ 9:13 PM)

Here are some photos from the Virgin Megastore in Montpellier.

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